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Kennal Vale Nature Reserve

Kennal Vale is a 20-acre nature reserve which occupies a steep-sided granite boulder-strewn valley through which runs the River Kennal. The site is leased and managed by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

In the past the valley was used for the commercial production of gunpowder. Kennal Vale gunpowder factory started production in 1812 and by 1860 employed around 50 men. On May 10, 1838 the valley was rocked with explosions as five mills blew up in succession. Amazingly, only one man was killed and another seriously injured. There is an interesting report of the incident on

The gunpowder factory ceased production around 1914 due to the increasing use of gelignite and dynamite. Many of the old buildings remain, as do the leats which diverted water from the river to power the mills. The trees in the valley, which include beech, ash and sycamore, were originally planted by the gunpowder company to help retain a damp atmosphere.

Today, as well as being an historically important monument, the site provides a valuable habitat for wildlife including pipistrelle bats, spotted flycatchers, dippers chiffchaffs and grey wagtails as well as butterflies, moths and dragonflies.